Most homeowners assume that selling the house as it stands means that they will not have to do any repairs to the property (which is true), and selling as it is will be practical and will be required the least stress. Can I sell my home as is? 

What sales means in their current form

Selling your home as it stands means that you are selling your property in its current condition, assuming that no repairs are made and that the home will come with all current defects and problems.

“As is” actually has a legal definition, and the buyer will probably need to sign documentation showing that he understands the exact terms of the transaction. When you buy a house “as is”, it is usually stated in the purchase and sale contract. 

What are the options for selling your home quickly? 

  1. Sell as is

Include “as is” on the list: selling your home as is means you won’t waste time repairing – the buyer sees what the buyer is doing. Remember that buyers can still request checks, but your agent may determine that no major repairs will be made. Of course, when you sell a house as it is, you will probably have to accept a lower sale price than if you did some updates and maintenance before listing.

Check and disclose everything: Another sales option as it is is prior checking and disclosing everything on the audit report. Again, you will probably need to lower the price, but your agent may set your home as the perfect opportunity for investors, fins or people looking for a higher level opportunity. 

  1. Make home improvements

Only deal with items of the highest priority: many buyers are fine with a home that only needs cosmetic fixes, If your time and budget are limited, just consider putting efforts in the most important things to improve your home. Foundation damage, mold, leakage or furnace replacement are just a few examples.

Focus on minor cosmetic patches: You can also spend time on the most cost-effective renovation ideas. They will take more time to improve attractiveness, which can make a big difference to buyers. 

Can I sell my house as is?

What could be the problems with selling a home that “is what it is”?

You may be wondering what the problem may be for buyers to buy a home in the condition it is in. Unfortunately, buying a home the way it is is usually not good. Below are the disadvantages of selling such a house: 

  1. Buyers will view your home negatively

If you sell in the state it is in, you can bet that most buyers will view your home negatively. They may still try to buy it, but when they see it as it is, they assume there is something seriously wrong with this property – something bad enough that you can’t afford a repair or that you can’t fix it.

  1. Buyers rate you low

Assuming your home has serious flaws, the buyer bargains with you as if you were desperate. You can expect offers that are probably smaller than what you want or what is worth your home.

Why put yourself in the place of the buyer before selling the house and try to objectively assess the condition of the house. If there are items that need repair



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