Silver is the chemical element with the atomic number 47. It is a precious metal that has been used throughout history to make jewellery but also to mint currency coins and today, silver has a wide range of industrial uses as well.

During the history silver was one of the most precious metals used by humans. Over time, beside that it was used for minting coins or jewellery, silver has been used also for making aesthetic accessories, such as vases, silver icons and even painting usually for the churches, for cutlery or for decorating dishes.

Silver has been exploited since more than 5000 years.  Being known by many ancient civilizations, silver was really hard to be found, even harder than gold and this made it really valuable back in history. Silver value remained high until the development of the extraction methods for other metals. Once with the extraction development, silver value started to decrease even though, between 600 and 300 BC, Athens was largely based on the local silver mines exploitation where more than 25 tones were extracted annually. While in the middle age the German silver mines were the most exploited ones, important natural silver deposits were discovered in Usa, Bolivia, Mexico, Peru and many other parts of the world and so, silver became more cheaper than it ever was. Do not think that silver doesn’t have excellent properties if it is cheaper than gold these days because it is still a white and shiny metal which is used widely in industry for its thermal and electrical conductivity. It is still a good metal to invest in. For example, if you find a serious wholesale silver jewellery supplier that has good prices, you would make a lot of money if you consider this kind of business.  

There are a lot of unknown things about the benefits of silver. Even since ancient times, silver has been used in medicine field because it has antiseptic properties and it as appropriate to be used like a disinfectant and even in the treatment of the patients that had tuberculosis. Maybe this sounds hard to believe but the water kept in silver vessels has the qualities of an extremely effective natural antibiotic. During the time, science has confirmed that silver ions have a bactericidal effect which is able to destroy more than 650 germs and viruses so it is really a big deal. Imagine that it was a sort kind of the penicillin replacement because that was discovered much later and practically replaced silver. It is also a powerful natural antioxidant that destroys free radicals which are the cause of more than 50 diseases such as cancer and it is also used in surgery to connect the cerebral vessels. The most effective supply of silver is the colloidal one because it is absorbed very quickly into the blood so basically, the human body needs daily a proportion of 0.088 mg of silver.  In the past few years, colloidal silver has been used to treat even diseases like AIDS because it is invigorating the immune system of the human body.

Beside these beneficial properties, silver is good for the psychic as well because wearing silver jewellery you become calm – not to mention the fact that it also responds to the pH of your skin and so, its ions have a strong immune – modulatory effect which slows down aging process.

Silver is also used in dentistry field, the instruments are mostly made of silver but then again, thanks to its properties, it is used in electrical engineering and electronics as well. 

So, as a recapitulation, silver won the time test and remains a really nice shiny metal for jewellery and also a need for many other fields. Many customers simply love the silver jewellery but most of them, know its properties and keep count of this information. 

So, obviously, silver trend will never die and that is why wholesale silver jewellery is a good business to invest in. There are not too many wholesale silver jewellery suppliers and not having too much competition will only help the business grow fast and make a huge profit.


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