Caring for health is not an easy process. You should pay attention to many health factors. You need to take care not only of a healthy lifestyle and a lot of movement. We need to eat well, remembering to provide minerals and vitamins. It may happen that our body stops working normally. Many different diseases are caused by an incorrect lifestyle. Lack of sport, little movement and a sedentary lifestyle make us sick. The risk of lifestyle diseases is still increasing.

New ones are created and old ones increase their range. One of the conditions is high blood cholesterol. Many people wonder how to lower cholesterol. You also need to know where it comes from and why it is harmful. An improper diet high in fat causes an accumulation of unnecessary tissues. This is a heavy burden on the human body. Cholesterol has very important functions and is necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

Cholesterol and its derivatives are important constituents of cell membranes. Cholesterol is a building component of lipid membranes: it performs structural functions, it is also responsible for the fluidity of cell membranes. There are two types of cholesterol – exogenous and enzogenic. Exogenous cholesterol is supplied with food. The source of such cholesterol are animal fats and animal products, i.e. meat and its products, eggs and, to a lesser extent, dairy products. The most cholesterol supplied with food is found in egg yolks, liver and pate. Endogenous cholesterol is produced in the human body. It can be synthesized by all cells of the body, although the main places of synthesis are liver, intestines and skin.

Every day, about 800 mg of cholesterol is synthesized in the liver, and up to 1500 mg in a healthy human body. About 10% of endogenously synthesized cholesterol comes from the intestines. Too high a level is dangerous to health. How to lower cholesterol? High cholesterol is often associated with diet and nutrition. Bad eating habits contribute to the deterioration of health and well-being. It is worth giving up unhealthy snacks, rich in trans fats, which are further sweetened. These are ready-made cakes, cookies, salty snacks. Attention should also be paid to products of animal origin, and above all: beef, pork, butter, fatty cheeses. All ready meals also support the bad cholesterol fraction. We should start eating healthy.

Our diet must be rich in vegetables that contain vitamins. You can’t overeat and eat too much meat. It’s good to know that fiber lowers cholesterol. It is a nutrient contained, among others, in cereals. We should eat porridge every day for breakfast to lower blood cholesterol. We lead to damage ourselves. This is due to our poor diet and lifestyle. Therefore, care should be taken about the cardiovascular system and the condition of our arteries. Atherosclerosis, resulting from excess cholesterol, can also lead to cholesterol deposits resulting in lower limb ischemia and mobility problems. This disease is called atherosclerosis of the vessels of the lower extremities. It is manifested by pain in the legs, especially at rest, tingling and sensitivity to cold. If the limbs are very hypoxic, gangrene and necrosis may develop in them.

A simple remedy not only for problems with clogged arteries. All you need is a regular effort three times a week for 30 minutes to improve the patency of the vessels and reduce the harmful effects of cholesterol. The body, and thus the circulatory system, regenerates faster and frees itself from toxins. Movement also makes it easier to lose weight, which also helps reduce cholesterol. People regularly visiting the pool, gym, pedaling on a bicycle, or walking with poles, have almost half the risk of coronary artery disease, but – importantly – they better cope with stress, which is the culprit for high cholesterol. Try to do the best that you can to reduce your cholesterol. Now you should better know how to lower cholesterol by very simply activities. It’s worth checking your blood cholesterol level regularly.


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