Daily skin care for the face and body using cosmetics with a liquid consistency can be cumbersome. A product placed in a packaging with a standard closure can spill, which most often ends up using too much cosmetic product in relation to what is needed. This type of cosmetic can be used much more easily when placed in packaging with a special dispenser, such as a bottle with pump. This functions as both a closure and a dispenser for the product inside.

Precise and convenient dosing of products

A bottle with pump is a very practical solution that allows for precise closure and convenient dosing of lotions, creams, and gels. This type of cosmetic packaging has many advantages. Cosmetics can be precisely and conveniently applied, which saves money in the long run. The product is tightly sealed, so it can retain its properties and freshness for longer, which is very important for the expected effect of the product.

Packaging typically chosen by customers

The advantages of bottles with pump make them increasingly common on shop shelves. It is also the packaging type preferred by customers who want to use cosmetics comfortably both at home and when travelling. Dispensers are practical and durable. They are most often made of high-quality polypropylene, which is characterized by high strength and flexibility. It is a material that is resistant to mechanical damage and deformation. This is why bottles with pump can be found for both cosmetics and liquid cleaning products.

Convenient bottles with foam pump

Among cosmetic packaging, it is also worth distinguishing foam pumps. They are used, among other things, as a form of packaging for facial make-up remover foams, hand soaps and bath gels. Foam pumps can be fitted with various locking systems. This type of bottle for cosmetics is very convenient to use and, in addition, perfectly protects cosmetics from the negative influence of external factors. This is one of the best ways to package cosmetic products.

Part of the manufacturers marketing campaign

Bottles with pump are a guarantee of supplying the customer with a product which will retain its original properties for a long time. In this way, make-up remover products, body lotions or face creams can be used without worry until they are completely used up. High-quality packaging also increases the publics trust in the brand and has a positive effect on the manufacturers image. Therefore, such a bottle for cosmetics can be both a practical form of product packaging and part of a companys marketing strategy.


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