Your home office might be the space where you get your creative genius on, sneak a pet peeve, settle bills or just relax to read a book. This is why it needs to be a personal, comfortable space where you can get stuff done. Because who’d want to work at home when it isn’t comfy? Decorating your personal space can be pretty tasking because you suddenly want to do everything, but you don’t know where to start. Maintaining the balance between a professional and a homey mood for a private office can require you to think outside the box. The best way to start is to create a list of what you need in your home office first, and then get everything when you’ve got it all listed. Once the basics are done, you can start figuring out how to decorate and personalize your home office space. There are a lot of tips for decorating, but the basic things you need to get involve your comfort and the aesthetics of your space. You need to make sure that you don’t over decorate or congest. So here are some tips for decorating your home office.

8 Tips for Designing Your Home Office

Make it Just Comfy Enough

Making your workspace comfortable is essential, but it becomes difficult to work in it if you make it too comfortable. Adding a bit of comfort, such as throw pillows or blinds to keep out excess light, is good (that is, if you’re not a photographer with a darkroom). However, try not to go overboard with it, so you don’t get distracted. 

Get What You Need First

Making the space your own is important. But getting the essential items first is key to ensuring that your office is functional. After getting the basic items that make your home office an office, you can proceed to buy other decorative items like plants, plush curtains, etc. 


When deciding on the paint for your office, you need to consider the type of lighting you are using and how that affects your focus. Although it might not seem like a big deal, colors can have an effect on how you focus and understand things. 

Painting with colors you’re comfortable with helps you better focus and perform within your space. You can use unique patterns and wall designs to further personalize the space.

Get a Nice View to Look at

If your office is going to have a computer or other desk accessories, having something better than a wall to stare at can aid productivity. A mural, painting, a map or a view of the outside world are some great options. You can find more inspiration here if you’d like to give your home a little personal touch. With Mapiful, you can choose to print out poster maps of cities or countries, among other prints. So, let’s say some of the best years of your life were spent in Melbourne, Australia. As a way to remember those days, you could order a printed Melbourne map poster to decorate your home office. The design is customizable and could be any color you like to match your office and tastes. Feel free to have a look at their map posters !

Pick a Great Location

Depending on how your home environment is, your home office needs to be a space that’s easily accessible to you. If you’re constantly in the kitchen, you could use a desk space. And if you need privacy, you can get an isolated space, like a spare bedroom.

Organize and Manage Your Space 

When you’re decorating your office, you need to make sure that your accessories and interiors can fit into the room without congesting it. Organizing the space into different work areas can also help improve your space and give it a cleaner design. You can do this by adding shelves and compartments or a comfortable workstation in the room. 


Depending on the work you plan to do within your space, you need to make sure that you select comfortable appliances and furniture. Your chairs should help ensure that you maintain good posture without being uncomfortable and stiff.

When it comes to cupboards and shelves, ensuring that they can store the items you need in your office without taking up too much space is a very efficient method.

Personalize Your Space

After getting what you need, you can start adding some personal touches to your space. That cool lava lamp, poster, photo, or plaque you’ve always wanted. You can feature some of your ideals to make the space feel more like you.

Designing your home office’s interior doesn’t have to be a complex procedure, and if you need ideas you can always get pictures from the internet and add a few personal touches. For a home office where you have meetings with clients, it’s always good to add a few professional touches to the space while also making it comfortable and breathable. When it comes to decorating, anything goes as long as you pair it with the right patterns.


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